Mckerron Brechin Ó hEadhra - Le Chèile

Released in 2022 on the Brechin All Records label, ‘Le Chèile,’ the Gaelic word for ‘together’, is what this album’s all about – a blend of beautiful Scottish and Irish songs and cracking tune sets from three of Scotland's finest traditional musicians.  

Musicians: Charlie Mckerron– fiddle; Sandy Brechin – piano accordion; Brian Ó hEadhra – acoustic guitar, vocals, bodhran.

Available to buy here

Brian Ó  hEadhra & Fionnag NicChoinnich - Càirdeas

Meaning "kinship/friendship" in Scottish and Irish Gaelic, Càirdeas is a celebration of family, friends, languages and cultures spanning Scotland, Ireland and Canada.

All of the songs on the album are accompanied by musical friends and family members and was recorded remotely in various locations during the Covid lockdown in the winter of 2020/21. 

Co-produced by their acclaimed musician nephew, Innes White, Càirdeas is released on the duo’s Anam Communications label and available as CD, download and streaming.

Brian Ó  hEadhra & Fionnag NicChoinnich - TUATH - Songs of the Northlands

TUATH - Songs of the Northlands is a musical and cultural exploration of the connections between the Gaels and their nearest Atlantic neighbours.

This stunning album, released February 2020, includes traditional songs as well as new material by Ó hEadhra & NicChoinnich, sung in Scottish Gaelic, Danish, Norwegian, Irish Gaelic and Galician.

The music speaks to our past, present and future, ranging from the simple voice to expansive arrangements and exquisite sound design by composer/musician Mike Vass.

Brian Ó hEadhra & Fionnag NicChoinnich have, once again, delivered an inspiring work of beauty, honesty and integrity.

Brian Ó  hEadhra & Fionnag NicChoinnich - TÌR - Highland Life & Lore

The Highland singer-songwriter duo, Brian Ó hEadhra | Fionnag NicChoinnich released their highly anticipated debut album, TÌR – Highland Life and Lore, on the Anam Communications record label in 2018. Co-produced by esteemed musician/composer Mike Vass, this album reflects their traditional Gaelic roots as well as other musical influences including Nordic, Eastern European and electronica.

Beautiful album artwork and illustrations by Rachel Cush.

Cruinn - Stòras

The second album of traditional and contemporary Scottish Gaelic songs from the acclaimed Gaelic quartet Cruinn.

Cruinn's outstanding use of harmonies and superb arrangements feature in 'Stòras' which translated means treasure or riches.

Recorded in August 2014 at Castlesound Studios by Stuart Hamilton and produced by the band.

"...stunning Gaelic song supergroup with both sublimely complimentary vocals and spine-tingling contemporary reinventions of ancient material, together with beautifully crafted originals." The Scotsman

Struileag - Children of the Smoke

Presented in Gaelic, Children of the Smoke explored the importance of indigenous language and its links to culture and identity. Two years in the making, songs and storylines were commissioned from more than 20 writers which inspired Jim Sutherland’s score.

Performed by a stellar cast of 20 singers and musicians (including Brian Ó hEadhra and Fionnag NicChoinnich) it received its world premiere on Glasgow Green as part of Homecoming 2014.  

Various - The Complete Songs of Robert Tannahill Vol. IV

The fourth and penultimate volume in Dr Fred Freeman’s landmark recording series The Complete Songs of Robert Tannahill reflects the breadth of influence that informed the Paisley weaver/poet’s compositions, including elements of Irish, Jewish and baroque music. As ever, these are married with Freeman’s fresh contemporary approach to arrangement and performance, as reflected in his top-drawer musical cast.

Released on Brechin All Records and available here.  

Brian Ó hEadhra (& family) - Òrain Cèilidh Teaghlaich / The Family Cèilidh Gaelic Song Collection

This collection released as a book and CD in 2013 by Anam Communications contains some of the best-loved songs in the Gaelic singing tradition.  

The songs in the collection were compiled by Highland-based Gaelic singer, Brian Ó hEadhra who is joined on the recording by his Lewis-born wife, Fionnag NicChoinnich, and their two children Órla (8) & Ró (6).  The style of presentation is informal and easily accessible for newcomers to the Gaelic song tradition.  

Cruinn - Cruinn

Cruinn's debut album was released in 2013 featuring the beautiful voices of Brian Ó hEadhra, Fionnag NicChoinnich, Rachel Walker and James Graham. This album has quickly become a classic of the Gaelic music scene and has enthralled audiences across the globe with the beautiful harmonies and arrangement of these acclaimed singers.

Produced by Jim Sutherland.  

Various - The Complete Songs of Robert Tannahill Vol. III

Released in 2013, the third and, arguably, the best yet in the unprecedented five-volume project to record all of Tannahill’s songs, produced by Dr. Fred Freeman and featuring a host of folk luminaries, with singers including Rod Paterson, Ian Anderson, Nick Keir, Fiona Hunter, Brian Ó hEadhra and Lucy Pringle.

Released on Brechin All Records and available here.  

Various - Fonn Ratharsair / Sounds of Raasay

Released in 2012, this album features music and song inspired by the beautiful island of Raasay.  Brian wrote An t-Eilean Beag Bòidheach for this album.  Featuring various artists from the Highlands and beyond.  

Brian Ó hEadhra - An t-Allt

Release in 2011, Brian Ó hEadhra's second solo album is a wonderful collection of Gaelic and English songs featuring some excellent musicians and brought forward perfectly. The two extraordinary singers and the fine musicians have recorded breathtaking contemporary folk music from Celtic lands. A must for friends of Gaelic songs. 

Released on Brechin All Records and available here.  

Various - The Complete Songs of Robert Tannahill Vol. II 

The eagerly awaited sequel in the unprecedented five-volume project to record all of Tannahill’s songs, produced by Dr. Fred Freeman and featuring a host of folk luminaries. The CD was launched at Celtic Connections 2010 with a concert in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

Released on Brechin All Records and available here.  

MacGregor Brechin Ó hEadhra - Sonas

Released in 2008 on the Brechin All Records label, ‘Sonas,’ the Gaelic word for ‘happiness’, is what this album’s all about – a blend of beautiful Gaelic songs and cracking tune sets from the leaders of Blazin’ Fiddles, Bùrach, and Anam in this powerful line-up.

Musicians: Bruce MacGregor – fiddle; Sandy Brechin – piano accordion; Brian Ó hEadhra – acoustic guitar, vocals, harmonica.  

Available to buy here

Christine Primrose & Brian Ó hEadhra - An Turas

An Turas is a collaboration between Scottish Gaelic singer Christine Primrose and Irish singer Brian Ó hEadhra.  These two established singers met when Brian was studying Scottish Gaelic at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig Gaelic College on Skye where Christine teaches singing.  

Recorded at home, An Turas is a beautiful expose of Gaelic song, old and new from Scotland and Ireland. Most songs are performed authentic to the tradition, without accompaniment.  

Recorded and produced by Brian Ó  hEadhra. Released on Anam Communications label.  

Brian Ó hEadhra - Life

Recorded at home and at Castlesound Studios in 1999 and self-released a few years later on the Anam Communications label, Life is Brian Ó hEadhra's first solo album of his own material.  

Life is an eclectic mix of folk, Americana, jazz and ballads, with subjects dealing with love, mortality, politics and society.

Life was produced by Brian and mixed & mastered by Calum Malcolm.  Session musicians include Colin Steel (trumpet), Ewen Vernal (bass), and John Rae (drums).  

Anam - Tine Gheal

Released in 2000, Tine Gheal/Bright Fire is Anam's final release.  The band lineup at this time was Brian Ó hEadhra, Treasa Harkin, Neil Davey, Fionnag NicChoinnich (vocals & bodhran) and Anna-Wendy Stevenson (fiddle).  Recorded at Castlesound Studio, south of Edinburgh, and produced by Calum Malcolm, Tine Gheal features new and traditional songs in Irish, Scottish Gaelic and English as well as old as new tunes from across the Celtic world.  

Session artists include Hilary Coleman, Conrad Molleson, and James Mackintosh.  

Anam - Riptide

By 1998 Anam had firmly established themselves as one of the busiest Celtic music acts with worldwide tours, festivals and TV & radio appearances.  The album Riptide was recorded near Edinburgh and produced by renowned producer Calum Malcolm.  Cornish mandolin & bouzouki player Neil Davey had recently joined the band and a number of his tunes (including Riptide) feature on this album.  

Anam - First Footing

First Footing is Anam's first release (of three) on the major Japanese label JVC Victor.  Released in 1997 the album features Celtic music and song performed by Brian Ó hEadhra, Aimee Leonard, Myles Farrell and Treasa Harkin.  Recorded in Windmill Lane Studio 2, Dublin and produced by Gerry O'Beirne, the album also features session musicians Catriona Macdonald on fiddle and Conrad Molleson on double bass.  

The band launched the album in Tokyo and the work was released in Europe on the JVC Victor (Europe) label.  The front cover only features three band members as the group moved from Dublin, Ireland to Edinburgh, Scotland in 1997 and Myles decided to remain in Ireland.  

Anam - Saoirse

Recorded and released in 1995 Saoirse is an album of Irish and Scottish songs sung by Brian Ó hEadhra and Aimee Leonard.  Brian met Aimee while performing with Anam at the L'orient International Celtic Festival in Brittany.  The two singers hit it off together and decided to record Saoirse to capture their new singing partnership.  

Saoirse features folk songs that Brian and Aimee were raised on as well as newer songs written by Brian. The duo produced the album themselves and were assisted by the acclaimed guitarist and songwriter Gerry O'Beirne who features on the album.  

Anam - Anam

Recorded and released in 1994 Anam by Anam is the debut album of this young Dublin band whose members at the time were Brian Ó hEadhra (vocals, guitar & bodhrán), Myles Farrell (bouzouki), Johnny Connelly (button accordion), and Steve Larkin (fiddle).  The album was recorded in Stiúidio a Seacht at Bórd na Gaeilge offices on Merrion Square, Dublin and the band self-funded and self-produced the album.  

This work features traditional and newly written music and song from Ireland and beyond.  This was always the ethos behind Anam's music.  Following the release of the album, the band played various festivals and territories over the coming years.