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Latest News | Naidheachdan

5 week course in November 2023.

5 week post-beginner course in November 2023.

Upcoming Concerts, Classes, and Events
Consartan, Clasaichean, is Tachartasan ri Thighinn

November 2023 Seinn Air Loidhne - Online Gaelic Song Class

November 2023 Bruidhinn Air Loidhne  - Online Gaelic Conversation Class

22 November 2023 Co-hosting Cruinn Còmhla at Eden Court Theatre

06 December 2023 Hosting Inverness Acoustic Music Club - Rachel Walker & Aaron Jones

29 December 2023 Private concert with Fionnag NicChoinnich for Moniack Mhor Writers Centre

31 December 2023 Private concert with Mckerron Brechin Ó hEadhra at Kingsmills Hotel

01 January 2024 Private concert with Mckerron Brechin Ó hEadhra at Kingsmills Hotel

Jan/Feb 2024 Seinn Air Loidhne - Online Gaelic Song Class

22-23 March 2024 North Atlantic Song Convention - Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh

Music Career | Beatha Ciùil

Brian Ó hEadhra (solo) | Brian Ó hEadhra & Fionnag NicChoinnich | Mckerron Brechin Ó hEadhra

Brian Ó hEadhra

Based in Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland, Brian Ó hEadhra is an acclaimed singer and songwriter performing with acts Brian Ó hEadhra | Fionnag NicChoinnich, Cruinn, and McKerron Brechin Ó hEadhra.  Performing traditional and contemporary music and song, he has toured the globe with the band Anam and has recorded on over twenty albums over a thirty-year career. 

Find out more on the About and Media pages.   

Brian Ó hEadhra & Fionnag NicChoinnich

Based in the Highlands of Scotland, the award-winning/nominated duo Brian Ó hEadhra | Fionnag NicChoinnich performs songs from the Gaelic, Scots and Irish traditions as well as newly composed material drawing inspiration from music and cultures primarily from the North Atlantic fringe.

Over the past 25 years, they have performed across the globe and recorded many albums with acts such as Anam, Cruinn, Mackenzie, and Mckerron Brechin Ó hEadhra. Website

Mckerron Brechin  Ó hEadhra

Fiery tunes and beautiful songs from the Gaelic and Scots tradition by three of Scotland’s finest musicians.  The Scottish trad trio of Charlie McKerron (fiddle), Sandy Brechin (piano accordion) and Brian Ó hEadhra (guitar & vocals) are three accomplished musicians who draw on a wealth of tunes and songs from the Gaelic and Scots traditions.

They each are acclaimed composers and performers in their own right. The trio has performed in Scotland and abroad and have wowed audiences with their choice of material and engaging stage performances.  Website.  

Writing | Sgrìobhadh

Brian is an accomplished songwriter in Gaelic and English.  Over the years has also contributed to various magazines and periodicals covering matters such as Gaelic language, culture and music.  Brian also enjoys writing poetry.  Check out the Writing page.  

Anam Communications

Anam Communications is a music publishing and record company releasing quality acoustic and Gaelic music which has garnered high praise from critics and the public alike over many years.  Artists include Cruinn; Anam; McKerron Brechin Ó hEadhra; Christine Primrose & Brian Ó hEadhra; Brian Ó hEadhra | Fionnag NicChoinnich.  Website

Anam Communications is also a book publishing company which has released acclaimed work by Aidan O'Hara and Brian Ó hEadhra.   

Educator | Oide

Seinn air Loidhne - Online Gaelic Song Class | Bruidhinn Air Loidhne - Online Gaelic Conversation Class | Training & Tuition

Seinn Air Loidhne - Online Gaelic Song Class

Join Highland-based acclaimed Gaelic singer, Brian Ó hEadhra, to learn Scottish Gaelic songs each week online (see Facebook Group for dates). 

You will learn traditional and new Gaelic songs in an informal and informative manner. You don't need to have much Gaelic and we will concentrate on pronunciation, song background and musical delivery. You will be on mute while singing.

Latest information on the Seinn Air Loidhne page.  

Bruidhinn Air Loidhne - Online Gaelic Conversation Class

Bruidhinn Air Loidhne is a five-week online conversation class designed specifically for individuals with little or no knowledge of Scottish Gaelic. Led by experienced tutor Brian Ó hEadhra, the class aims to provide a supportive and engaging environment where beginners can develop their conversational Gaelic skills. Visit the Bruidhinn Air Loidhne page for more information and join the Facebook Group.  

1-1 Tuition

Brian offers various online classes on a 1-1 basis.  Find out more on the Courses & Tuition page
Subjects include: Gàidhlig/Gaelic Language & Conversation; Òrain is Seinn sa Ghàidhlig/Gaelic Songs and Singing; Folk Song and Singing; Learn to Play Acoustic Guitar; Guitar Accompaniment to Scottish and Irish Music & Song; Bodhran; Songwriting; Social Media; Funding Application Writing

Training & Services for Public, Private, & Third Sector

Specialist and bespoke courses and services to ensure that your training and project needs are fulfilled.  In-person or online.   Find out more on the Courses & Tuition page
Training and Services include: Gaelic Language Training; Gaelic Awareness Training; Social Media and Online Promotion Training; Project Management & Support (short-term contract); Team Building and Communication Skills; An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence; Simultaneous Translation (Gaelic to English); Funding Advice & Support; Mentoring & Coaching.  

Arts and Cultural Projects
Pròiseactan Ealantach is Cultarach

Inverness Acoustic Music Club | North Atlantic Song Convention (NASC) | Traditional Music Forum | Anam Arts | Consultancy

Inverness Acoustic Music Club

The Inverness Acoustic Music Club website is a not-for-profit unincorporated association dedicated to promoting and celebrating quality traditional, folk, and world music. The club was founded and is coordinated by singers Brian Ó hEadhra & Fionnag NicChoinnich and is open to all who appreciate acoustic music. Website.  

North Atlantic Song Convention (NASC)

Established in 2020 by Brian Ó hEadhra and Emma Björling, The North Atlantic Song Community / Cooperation / Collaboration (NASC) is an inclusive international network that promotes, celebrates and supports our North Atlantic song traditions. 

The association’s aims and objects are to promote the study and performance of song traditions and associated practice in all its aspects.  Website.  

Traditional Music Forum

Brian is on the board of the Traditional Music Forum (TMF).  The TMF aims to develop, sustain, support and maximise the potential of traditional music in Scotland.  It provides resources on traditional music for agencies and decision-makers; it encourages skills development and knowledge sharing among its members.  Website

Anam Arts

Established in 2022, Anam Arts bring to you quality merchandise celebrating Scottish and Irish Gaelic language and culture as well as some choice Irish and Scottish phrases in Scots and Hiberno-English. Available on Redbubble.