Courses & Tuition
Cùrsaichean & Ionnsachadh

Seinn Air Loidhne - Online Gaelic Song Class

Join Highland-based acclaimed Gaelic singer, Brian Ó hEadhra, to learn Scottish Gaelic songs each week online.

You will learn traditional and new Gaelic songs in an informal and informative manner. You don't need to have much Gaelic and we will concentrate on pronunciation, song background and musical delivery. You will be on mute while singing.

The class is an hour-long on Zoom.  Payment is voluntary and by donation through Paypal. 

Latest information on the Seinn Air Loidhne page.  Join the Facebook Group too for latest news.  

Bruidhinn Air Loidhne - Online Gaelic Conversation Class 

Bruidhinn Air Loidhne is a four-week online conversation class designed specifically for individuals with little or no knowledge of Scottish Gaelic. Led by experienced tutor Brian Ó hEadhra, the class aims to provide a supportive and engaging environment where beginners can develop their conversational Gaelic skills. Visit the Bruidhinn Air Loidhne page for more information and join the Facebook Group.  

Gàidhlig do Ghaeilgeoirí 

Ma tha Gaeilge agad agus tha thu ag ionnsachadh na Gàidhlig, bidh ùidh agad sa chlas air loidhne a tha seo. Tha an clas spòrsail is tarraingeach far am faigh thu misneachd ann a bhith bruidhinn Gàidhlig ri luchd-ionnsachaidh eile.

Thigibh is bruidhnidh sinn Gàidhlig còmhla.  Fàilte oirbh uile! 

Tuilleadh fiosrachaidh an seo.  

 Buidheann Facebook.  

1-1 Tuition
Ionnsachadh 1-1

If you are interested in short-term or longer-term 1-1 classes then please email
Also available for couples (1-2) learning. 
£20 half-hour, £38 hour-long. 
Classes and workshops are also available for specialist groups and festivals.  

Gàidhlig | Gaelic Language & Conversation

Lessons aimed at getting you to speak and feel comfortable in the language, these classes will meet your exact requirements.   Faodar an clas seo a bhith ann an Gàidhlig a-mhàin ma thogras sibh.  

Òrain is Seinn sa Ghàidhlig | Gaelic Songs and Singing

If you want to learn how to sing Gaelic songs in an authentic and traditional manner (seann-nòs) or else seek to learn more contemporary material then look no further.  Lorgaidh tu do ghuth tro na clasaichean a tha seo.  

Folk Song and Singing

This class is aimed at anyone who seeks to explore the rich traditions of these islands as well as some contemporary songs.  We will learn voice techniques and how best to present songs to audiences.  

Learn to Play Acoustic Guitar

From total beginners to intermediate players, learn the steps to become a skilled accompanist to your favourite songs and genres.  Standard tuning.  

Guitar Accompaniment to Scottish and Irish Music & Song

For those who love trad and want to be able to join in on sessions and play music with family and friends, these classes will cover all the chord progressions, rhythms, and styles.  Available for DADGAD or standard tuning.  


Learn to play along to traditional tunes and songs with this iconic traditional instrument.  Various styles, rhythms and approaches will be explored.  


Release your inner songwriter through this guided course by acclaimed songwriter - Brian Ó hEadhra.  You will learn methods to release your creativity and then how best to present this to your waiting public.  

Social Media

If you are bamboozled by the plethora of social media platforms and want to ensure you are making the best of your time online then this is for you. You will receive one-one guidance on how best to create and maintain relevant and enticing social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and more.  

Funding Application Writing

Writing funding applications for projects can be daunting.  You will be guided through the funding process and given expert step-by-step advice on how to best present your project to the funding body/bodies.  

Training & Services for Public, Private, & Third Sector
Trèanadh 's Seribheisean ag gach ìre

Specialist and bespoke courses and services are available by experts to ensure that your training and project needs are fulfilled.  In-person or online.  

Gaelic Language Training

Bespoke language classes aimed at public and third-sector employees.  Available online or in the Inverness area.  

Gaelic Awareness Training

This half-day course offers a great introduction to the Gaelic language and its culture.  

Social Media and Online Promotion Training

Aimed at sole traders, partnerships and small businesses, this course is perfect for those who struggle to maintain an online presence.  You will learn shortcuts to ensure you remain engaged with your clients and customers.  

Project Management & Support

(short-term contract)

You have a great idea but need someone to take it forward.  We are here to advise and help in the delivery of your projects.  

Team Building and Communication Skills

"Communication is everything" - we've all heard this advice before but how well do we carry it out internally with our colleagues and externally with our clients/customers?  Check out this fun and informative short course.  Mediation services are also available.  

An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

If you are unsure about AI and if it is for you then this course is for you.  Explore some of the best ways to get the best out of AI platforms and improve your productivity.  

Simultaneous Translation (Gaelic to English)

For internal or public meetings, we offer simultaneous translation services from Gaelic to English.  Equipment is not supplied but is usually available for rent.  

Funding Advice & Support 

Funding applications can be challenging and time-consuming.  We work with you to go through the process to ensure you have the strongest funding application for your project.  

Mentoring & Coaching

If you or staff members could benefit from mentoring or coaching then speak to us to ensure your needs are met.